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Excerpts from the (Rare) Whimsical Writings of
P.D. Rivers Gordon:

The Hic-cu Chronicles ~
Mind Candy for the Heart and Soul

A painting of birds flying over flowers and trees.


Hiccus are little anecdotes and observations,
most of which (but not all) are totally true.
Some are like Zen koans.
Some are like nothing else.

A Hic-cu by Any Other Name

A poet friend of mind calls my hic-cus: "hip-coos"
To each, his own.
That poet friend has written his own hip-coo:
"I love Hip-coos.
For they jump off the page
And kiss you."

Rules for Hic-cu Writing?

That poet friend once asked me what the "rules" for hic-cu writing were.
I replied:
Hic-cu writing rules?
Surely you jest!
I am so glad!


I love to hear from you by e-mail.
Sometimes, even when you're here,
I want to hear from you by e-mail.

The Top of My Refrigerator

Today I cleaned the top of my refrigerator.
It had not been cleaned so well since I moved in ~
I will not say how long ago that was.
Tomorrow, I start on the file cabinets in my head~
I have not cleaned them since I moved in ~
I cannot say how long that has been.

"Two…I Mean One…"..

I talk to myself from time to time when there is no one else around.
One day I was driving home while engaging in the following conversation:
"How would you like to go to a movie?"
"Great idea…."
When I got to the movie theater, I walked up to the ticket booth
and said, " Two, please."
I realized what I had done and quickly said, "Oh, I mean one."

The World Turned Into a Telephone Booth

People walking down the street,
Talking on cell phones,
Turning the world into a telephone booth….

Person Waiting

He had hung his jacket over his chair at the restaurant.
I said, "Your cell phone in your jacket pocket is ringing."
He said, "Thanks" and answering his cell phone, put me on "Person Waiting".

A Mind of Our Own

I once ordered a hot fudge sundae at a Svenson's.
"No," the waitress said.  "You want the hot caramel nut sundae
with whipped cream."
I seemed to have no choice.
She brought me one.
She was right.

A painting of a heart and hands with a pink flower.
Painting © Barbara Shaw Cohen

Excerpts from an unpublished manuscript. Copyright P. D. Gordon 2015 - 2024

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